Nepal has been a tourist's paradise for many years. A country of amazing attractions, both natural and man-made, it offers a memorable experience for every visitor. Besides sharing its geographical borders with India and China, Nepal also shares history with its two giant neighbors. 
Nepal is situated in the central region of the Greater Himalaya and it contains most of the world’s highest mountains than any other country. These include Makalu, Lhotse, Annapurna, Manaslu, and Dhaulagiri and of course Everest on most dramatic and highest mountain peaks in the world. It is rich in scenic splendor and cultural treasures with a strong historic tradition having population of more than 25 million people of different religion and Culture. A large portion of Population is believed in Hinduism whereas country is declared secular state already. 

What is Nepal Tourism Year 2011? 
Nepal Tourism Year 2011 is a grand fete throughout the year which is going to celebrate in Nepal in 2011. The concept of Nepal Tourism Year 2011 was emerged to manage and develop the tourism industry of Nepal by cashing the expertise view, experiences and commitment of government with public private venture. For that Nepal tourism board continuing in the promotional activity with public private venture internally and externally. The campaign will continue to promote Nepal in international arena through its line agencies such as Nepalese diplomatic missions abroad, I/NGOs, airlines, and national and international media, NRN community and Nepal’s friends and well-wishers. 

Why Nepal is Celebrating NTY 2011?
After well known historical revolution, Nepal is targeting to progress in country economy within this decade. The major concern of Nepal is to improve people living standard as soon as possible. For that Nepal can cash tourism industry to grow economy and eliminate poverty. That’s why government has realized the potential of tourism industry in the development of nation. Knowing all these facts, Government has announced Nepal Tourism Year 2011.
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